About Beauty Clinic

Aesthetic Centre in Brno

Beauty Clinic is a professional aesthetic centre rendering the services of painless non-invasive liposuction (lipolysis), rejuvenation, relaxation, cosmetics and other beauty services. Maximum effectiveness of our procedures is achieved thanks to the use of our up-to-date technology, always focusing on comprehensive aesthetic services that are effective and safe. The treatment in our centre will be comfortable and painless.

Beauty Clinic is located in the centre of Brno. Visit us in our pleasant and comfortable premises to consult your aesthetic vision. We will focus on your needs and set an individual plan for your transformation. We offer our advice not only prior to the beginning of the plan but also in the course of its execution. Our cutting-edge devices are a guarantee of the best aesthetic results achieved by the Beauty Clinic team.

Beauty Clinic provides services to each client with individualized care. Our goal is your satisfaction and excellent aesthetic results. Men are also considerably represented among the clients of Beauty Clinic. They are mostly interested in painless liposuction. In addition, relaxing massages and slimming cryolipolysis have also become very popular. We provide our clients with all consultations and advice on healthy diets and physical activities, entirely free of charge.

In Beauty Clinic we use instruments of the BTL brand, which has won many prestigious awards in the area of development. BTL have CE marking according to EU directives, comply with the strict requirements of ISO 13485 for the certification of quality systems for the manufacturers of medical technology and Canadian CMDCAS - Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System. Many of them have also been approved by FDA, the Canadian Ministry of Health and other control authorities worldwide.

We look forward to seeing you
Beauty Clinic Team

Aesthetic Services of Beauty Clinic

  • Painless radiofrequency liposuction
  • Fat freezing liposuction, cryolipolysis
  • Elimination of cellulite, lymphatic drainage
  • Relaxation massages and body wraps
  • Hair removal, acne removal
  • Microneedle fractional RF Liftron
  • Skin and face rejuvenation, facelift, photorejuvenation
  • Skin and body care
  • Quality French cosmetics beauty care
  • Luxury Lashes eyelash extensions
  • and other aesthetic care services

Beauty Clinic, contact details

Orders, contacts:

Phone orders, information about services: +420 777 338 733
E-mail orders: objednavky@beautyclinic.cz
Contact e-mail: info@beautyclinic.cz

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday, open until 6pm.
Mon - Thu open: 10am - 6pm.

Our address:

Beauty Clinic
Jiráskova 222/18
Brno - Veveří
GPS coordinates:
49.2011942N, 16.5965353E

Payment options at Beauty Clinic:

  • Cash.
  • Transfer to account number: 2600478162/2010.
  • Paper coupon Sodexo Flexi, Relax, Fokus, Bonus
    and Dárkový Pass.
  • Paper coupon Edenred Multi and Ticket Compliments.
  • App or orders in Benefit plus programme or with Benefit Plus card.

Beauty Clinic on map:

Why painless radiofrequency liposuction - lipolysis?

Radiofrequency is an advanced modern technology, effective in rejuvenation and slimming. It has recently become aWhy painless radiofrequency liposuction - lipolysis? worldwide hit in the field of aesthetic medicine. It removes unwanted fat, while tightening and smoothing the skin. Radiofrequency waves stimulate the production of new collagen at the required places. Your body thus gets a slimmer and firmer shape.

Exilis which we have been using in Beauty Clinic is the most modern and rarely used system in the field of aesthetic medicine. It combines the physical effects of radiofrequency and ultrasound. Thanks to this technology, Exilis boasts proven therapy results. The effect of both energies can be effectively used especially for:

  • Body shaping - painless liposuction
  • Facial rejuvenation - facelift

Unique achievements in the fight against cellulite at Beauty Clinic

Another unique instrument in Beauty Clinic, helping us fight with cellulite, is a revolutionary innovation called aesthetic shock wave. The new X-Wave is currently the only device using a combination of extremely effective acoustic shock pulses of oscillating waves and the electric wave forms simultaneously transmitted into the tissue. The treatment is so effective that you will see the results even after the first therapy. It is a unique procedure, resulting in beautiful and firm skin with no signs of cellulite.

Unique achievements in the fight against cellulite at Beauty Clinic

Extremely effective solution:

  • Against cellulite
  • For smoothing skin after liposuction
  • Firming the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • Complete rejuvenation of the skin and better elasticity
  • Treatment of lipoedemas
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Reduction of stretch marks

Body wraps

Thanks to the manifold efficiency for improving human health body wraps are effective helpers in the fight against everyday stress and some health problems. Body wraps help to deep clean and detoxify the body, relax your muscles, firm the skin and accelerate regeneration.

Magic Wrap

Detoxifying wrap - increases efficiency after radiofrequency liposuction and cryolipolysis!

Magic Wrap is a popular detox body wrap, which will help your beautiful appearance and slender figure. It slims problematic body parts, on which fat tends to store most. You are certain to eliminate sagging skin, celluliteand unwanted extra centimetres. After 60 minutes of a Magic Wrap treatment, you can lose between 15 and 30 cm. The body wrap consists of a total of 8 heated bandages. Each bandage is immersed in warm mineral baths before applied on the body.


Unique innovative cosmetics developed by top scientists


If you are looking for uncompromising care for your skin, with visible and long-lasting effect, go for the non-surgical beauty concept of Ericson Laboratoire. Ericsonapplies medical approach to beauty and it is designed for application on your face and whole body. The most interesting procedures of this beauty therapy include the unique Fresh caviar treatment for toning and cleansing.

One of the first French scientists who made a practical use of the Swiss cell therapy method, was professor Ericson of Swedish origin, a student with Alexis Carell, a Nobel Prize winner for biology. This innovative approach and the use of up-to-date scientific know-how in cosmetic practice is the essence of the beauty therapy concept of Ericson Laboratoire.

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